Giulio Guarini

currently based in Bari, Italy.


Graphic designer and art director also competent in marketing, web-digital and technology. Born in Brindisi (South Italy) on May 25th 1991, I started working in early age with graphic art, creating posters and flyers for local events. Then I designed my own logo and I became popular through social networks, such as Myspace, where I used to upload my projects. After a while I started cooperating with people from other cities and states, such as Canada and Germany. In 2010, I got my diploma and I moved to Lecce (Italy) where I enrolled in a University Course in Communication to then graduate in 2014. There, due to new professional challenges and inspirational lessons from my teachers, I developed a strong interest in aesthetic and visual communication, acknowledging the power of simplicity in graphic design. In January 2015 I moved to Bari (Italy) where I started working in a company that performs in the field of building, architecture and design. In 2019 I founded a creative agency in the Marketing/Advertising area, called GGCA, with the focus to offer my job to divisions, companies and private.

Skills: Creativity, Design, Marketing, Advertising, Art Direction, Branding, Visual Communication, Corporate Identity, Typography, Details, Tech.

Work Experiences alive

Graphic Designer @ S.p.A. – Archiproducts, Archilovers, Archiportale
from January 2015
Bari, Italy

Founder, Creative Director @ GGCA 
from July 2019 
Mesagne, Italy – Worldwide

Graphic Designer @ Boomdabash — B1, Soulmatical Music
from September 2013 
Mesagne, Italy

Graphic Designer, Art Director @ Giulio Guarini freelance
from 2008